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ON SALE! With the starting of the delivery of the new Model 3 we are having a Decal Sale!

These decals are cut and designed to fit within the recessed Tesla Logo in the center of each wheel. These come in a pack of ( 4 ) decals, ready to apply to your vehicle. The Tesla Wheel decals are sturdy and can withstand miles and miles of driving and repeated car washes.

DECALS FIT: Model S, Model X, Model 3

These decals fit all of the models including the NEW Model 3! These make great gifts for all of the Tesla Fans out there! Order early for the holidays!

The RED decals are cut from reflective material and will shine brightly when seen in headlights. The CARBON FIBER decals are a printed pattern, not actual carbon fiber, and are not reflective. All other colors are not reflective.