Tesla Cup Holders (Rear Straight)

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Why do the driver and front passenger get all of the cool stuff in your Tesla, like a cup holder! Why not give those in the back seat a place to put their drinks while enjoying the quiet ride. As there are no existing rear cup holders on the Model S and Model X the Rear Tesla Cup Holder is attached to your center arm rest using easy to remove command style strips. This keeps your Rear Tesla Cup Holder secure and all of its contents. Our Rear Tesla Cup Holder adds 2 holders for your rear passengers.

Kit includes everything you need to install the cup holders in your Tesla, including the hook and loop fasteners!

There is also a center storage tray where you can store a phone, tablet, notepad, pen/pencil and more! We have included several small openings in the bottom of the storage slot for charging cables.

The rear unit only has a minimal vent block so passengers may not get direct air flow, but they will still get airflow from the vents.

There are no tools needed to install, just remove the protective covering over the 3M Command Strip adhesive and press into place. If you do not want it in the back it can be removed easily ( but we are not sure why you would want to as it adds great functionality to your Tesla ), you will just need to use new command style adhesive to attach. We also recommend our Front Tesla Cup Holder to add 2 additional cup holders for the front!

Our Tesla Cup Holders are injection molded and designed to perfectly fit your vehicle. There is a leather like grain/texture on the top of the holders to help protect the holder from scratches and wear from thing like keys, watches, phones and more.